Parakeet Nesting Box

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The clear side of this aviary allows you to observe bird activity up close without disturbing them

Bird nesting box help birds train their natural nesting skills and encourage their breeding behavior. A comfortable and safe bird nest gives birds a sense of security and good for hatching baby birds

The transparent side of the cockatiel nest box is designed with acrylic material, which is convenient to observe the breeding and hatching process of birds. Nesting boxes for birds is beautiful and practical, and the unique design satisfies your curiosity. It can also easily observe the condition of the newborn birds, without disturbing the birds by repeatedly opening the lid


TRANSPARENT DESIGN: Acrylic transparent breeding box offers you clear visibility to observe the inside situations easily, so that children can easily watch the breeding and hatching process of birds, to achieve harmony between man and nature.
NATURAL WOOD: Bird house is made of 100% natural paulownia and pine wood, has good thermal insulation effect, cool in summer and warm in winter, with the flavor of natural forest, so that your parakeet can adapt to the new environment. Log products are safe. They are the best choice for your parakeet breeding and nesting.
MULTIFUNCTIONAL BIRD CAGE HOUSE: It's not only a parakeet nest, providing your pet bird with a warm & comfortable place to rest, sleep, relax and play, but also a budgie nesting box that helps birds train their nesting skills and encourage their natural breeding behavior. The bird breeding box is a cozy home for nesting, mating and raising young.
EASY TO CLEAN: Designed with a hinged lid so it’s easy to clean and change out the bird’s bedding materials. The perching ledge was made just for your parakeet's joy of sitting around and lounging.
STABLE BOLT MOUNTING: The cockatiel nesting box uses bolts, washers and wing nuts to securely mount either inside or outside of the cage. The cute little perch is the perfect place for small birds to sit and relax. Bird nesting box is suitable for budgies, parakeets, lovebirds, cockatiels, finches, canary and other small sized birds. 


Material: Wood
Size: 7.4*4.7*4.7inch

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1x Parakeet Nesting Box

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