Car Plastic Part Retreading Agent

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Bring Back The Shine On
Your Car With Just One Spray Away!

Over time, exterior trim, plastic, and rubber surfaces can become dull or discolored, caused by wear, weather, and the sun’s UV rays. Car Plastic Parts Retreading Agent can rejuvenate these worn and weathered surfaces to help them look like new again.


Deeply penetrates into the leather plastic pores, removes the dirt and grime that are deeply ingrained in your car’s plastic parts.

Made from eco-friendly materials, using an oil-free odorless formulaharmless to your car or other leather/plastic items. It will clean, shine and protect with crystal clarity.

This is 
a genuine polish for buffing out hairline scratches, smudges, oxidation, flaws and little nicks, as well as cleaning away stains and yellowing from your plastic convertible top window. Car Plastic Parts Retreading Agent — it protects your plastics from the sun, smog, water stains and airborne contaminants with a tough layer of polymers.



  • Easy to apply – Just wipe it with a sponge on the desired area until you reach the desired black color of your car’s surface. 
  • Long-lasting – Cleaning once can last a long time, saving a lot of maintenance costs.
  • Fast results – With just one application, you can already see the results. Quick drying and oil-free application.
  • Cost-efficient – It will surely save your time and money. It can prevent you from your monthly or frequent visit to auto shops to have your plastic items repaired, refurbished or replaced. 
  • Safe to use – It is safe and non-toxic, so it does not damage the car parts and your cleaning equipment. 
  • Suitable for all vehicle types – Can be used on SUV, trucks, bicycle, motorcycle etc.
  • Wide use of application – Suitable for any leather and plastic items like coat, sofa and so on.


  • Net weight: 30 mL


  • 1 X Plastic Parts Retreading Agent

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