Corner Clamps Set - Right Angle Corner Clamp Kit

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Get perfect, accurate Corners and T joints every time (without effort).
It'll align and hold your workpieces with precision while you're screwing, gluing or drilling.

Saving time, Energy, Focus and Increase your productivity during your next project..


Save time, energy and focus by quickly and easily clamping your boards together.

Experience fast and accurate corner clamping for both 90° corners and T joints!

Make your projects faster, easier & more efficient with the Corner Clamp Kit!



Corner Clamps are strong, spring-loaded and provide a firm & reliable hold.

The tough & durable build of these woodworking clamps set allow them to withstand use on any job site or project.


Whether you are constructing boxes, cabinets or cases - the Corner Clamp Kit makes getting perfect corners a breeze!

The Corner Clamp Kit gives you an extra set of hands that securely hold your pieces for you.

Experience the fastest & easiest way to improve your efficiency during any woodworking project through firm & accurate holds!


A SET OF 4PCS CORNER CLIPS: save labor time and reduce surface workload. Not only for 90 degree angles, but also for 60 Degree 120 Degree saws. Rugged and durable materials make the pliers have a long service life.
MULTI-PURPOSE: clamp tool suitable for woodworking, cabinet and furniture repair connection, photo frame reinforcement, wooden DIY project, etc. It can be assembled with wooden boxes, photo frames, birdhouses, mailboxes, dressing table drawers. It can be used as a personalized gift for friends who love woodwork, so that you can increase your feelings.
ADJUSTABLE SIZE: suitable for wood boards with a thickness of 5-22mm, used for 90 degree clamp and T-joints, and also suitable for assembling two boards of different thicknesses.High spring tension to keep boards in place when screwing or gluing them together
SINGLE HANDED OPERATION: corner clamps for woodworking allows you to open this clamp with one hand, and hold workpieces together with the other, The advantage of having 4 pack angle clips is that you can square and set entire side of wood box in one


Material: ABS
Color: Red + Black
Size: 8.5x8x6cm

Suitable for 5-22mm thickness boards.
Fast and easy fixing of boards and frames at angles of 60, 90 and 120 degrees.
Installation aids for screwing or gluing boards together.
Angle: 60 degrees, 90 degrees, 120 degrees
Used for taper and T joints, even if the plate thickness is different.
One-handed operation-the other hand can freely hold the workpiece.

Package Included:

4 x woodworking angle clip
4 x60 degree angle piece
4 x90 degree angle piece
4 x120 degree angle piece

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