Garden Auger Drill Bits Planter

Size: 4X22cm
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Our Garden Drill Planter is specifically designed to help you plant grass plugs and small annuals faster than with a shovel or a garden trowel.

The Garden Easy Planter Drill Bit pulverizes soil – spiral hole drill this makes back filling holes quick and easy, and it gives your plants soil-to-root contact – a great way to acclimate them to new soil. Ideal tool for homeowners and gardeners to use to save their backs from repetitive bending. Fits most cordless or electric drills.

It’s easy to use too – just tighten the drill chuck to secure the auger plant and you’re ready to dig.


    Simply drill as far as the auger will go and lift the auger out of the hole. Makes large planting jobs much easier and faster, suitable for professionals and home DIY projects!.

    Has a large 9-inch (22cm) length and 4-inch-wide holes that eliminate constantly bending over while drilling.

    Designed to help you to easily dig to deeper depths. Built to penetrate the ground quickly and well-suited for tough soils. Digging becomes an easy task. The hexagonal shank/shaft offers a secure grip and doesn’t “spin”.
    Dramatically increasing efficiency when planting bedding plants, bulbs, seedlings, or fertilizing shrubs and trees to deep water aeration and even weed and root removal, or batches of mortar mix for hardscapes.

    Designed for use with any standard electric or cordless drill with universal chuck/jaws. Delivers maximum power without any twisting and jerking.

    Carbon steel rod for durability and alloy steel blades for maximum digging performance.

  • The Garden Spiral Hole Drill Planter is a handy gardening tool that's ideal for planting bulbs, bedding plants, and seedlings. This garden auger spiral drill bit does the tough work for you, digging holes with ease. It makes gardening maintenance quick and easy and you can weed with it too.
  • Spiral Hole Planting Auger for Drill & Grass Plug Auger is perfect for planting bulbs, bedding plants, and seedlings. It does the work for you and digs holes with ease. You can weed with it too. Take care of your garden faster with it.

    Dig Holes in Seconds: Harnessing the power of your regular handheld drill (not included), you can quickly dig holes up to 7 inches deep and 1.75 inches wide in all soil types, leaving dirt around the edge of the dug hole for easy packing.

  • Multipurpose Hole Digger: Use it for planting bedding plants, bulbs, seedlings, or fertilizing shrubs and trees to deep water aeration. You can even use it for cultivating soils, and weed and root removal.

    Saves You Time and Energy: No more tiring your hands or exerting too much effort when digging holes using spades or trowels. With this nifty hole digger, you can plants more in less time!

    Made of Durable Materials: Has Manganese steel blades for ultimate durability and maximum digging performance. A long-lasting gardening tool that’ll serve you for many years to come.


Material: Manganese steel

Color: Black

Size: 4X22cm, 4X45cm, 8X25cm or 8X30cm

Package Included:

1x Garden Drill Planter

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